My Mind's quote

We need a reason to believe in something which may not be there just to make us feel warm down the narrow path and lonely nights.

- Pereira Creations


The hunger to learn, move forward and prove people wrong is like a fire which can consume everything around you if you let it overcome you.

I was born in Goa. A state in western India surrounded by natural beauty with a relaxed vibe as well as a lively, colourful atmosphere. It was only natural that I would be fascinated by art. After moving to London-England in 2012.With a fresh perspective and newly acquired skills i began adding work to my portfolio I brought along with me.

I have worked with a wide variety of mediums suited to my style combining eastern and western traditions .In most of my work I make meticulous details and combine the mind and surreal, beauty and darkness and convey it to the viewer. I have always been intrigued on our outlook of the world around us and the barriers we face to do or say the things we believe in which lead me down the path of self-actualization.

Work published on Zanna magazine - www.wearezanna.co.uk

Solo Art Exhibition

  • Aghori

    INR 28,000 (57*35 inches)
  • Holy

    INR 26,000 (58*38 inches)
  • Broken promises

    INR 26,000 (38*58 inches)
  • Testings

    INR 30,000 (57*38 inches)
  • Fritzl monster

    INR 28,000 (56*38 inches)
  • Fitness freak

    INR 26,000 (58*37 inches)
  • Free speech

    INR 30,000 (38*60 inches)
  • Kala Hari

    INR 26,000 (58* 37 inches)
  • Money tree - Wooden Sculpture

    INR 30,000 (6x1 feet)
  • Photo title

    INR 30,000 (13)

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